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Screening Information

Periodic and annual screening programs are an integral part of student health assessments.  These programs detect children who may have problems and warrant further evaluation.  Screenings are initially done as early in the school year as possible. Parents will be notified if their child needs further evaluation.

State law mandates that the governing body of every school corporation shall conduct the following screenings annually:
  • Vision screening test on all students in grades 1, 3, 5, and 8. Kindergarten students are required to have a vision test prior to school entry for the BCCSC.  Parents or teachers may refer students with vision concerns at any time.  Joyce McKinney BSN, RN School Nurse will coordinate the vision screening.
  • Hearing screening test to determine hearing acuity will be conducted for all students in grades 1, 4, 7, and 10.  The Brownstown Central Community Schools also include annual hearing screening test for those new to the school system.  It should be noted that hearing can fluctuate at any time due to colds, allergies or minor infections.  Like the vision screenings, parents or teachers may refer students with hearing concerns at any time. The hearing screening will be conducted by Speech/Language Pathologists.

If a parent has any concerns regarding any of the routine screenings conducted at school, they should contact the individual in charge of that screening first and then if the parent / guardian is not satisfied with the explanation received, the parent or guardian should then contact the principal of the school that their child attends.